Adobe Photoshop:

Kaiīs powertips and tricks: for Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Homepage: Usefull information

News(papers) - Baltic and Russian:

The Baltics Online: Daily News, Estonia , Baltics

Chas Pik: Russian Newspaper, Cyrillic font required !

Russia Online News: News, newspapers and magazines, Cyrillic font required !

Sct Petersburg Press: Weekly Newspaper in english, Sct Petersburg, Russia

Sct Petersburg Web homepage: Usefull information about "Peeter"


Bengtīs Photo Page: Links to a lot of photorelated sites

Mandy's International Film & TV Production Directory: information about technicians, facilities and producers worldwide. ..

Photo Exhibitions and Archives: Photos on Internet

Photojournalism: The Professionals' Approach : PHOTO STORIES

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