For the 200 years anniversary of the birth of
Aleksandr Sergeevitj Pushkin
in 1999

the russian artist and painter
Svetlana Vedernikova
designed this
special boxset edition of
the novel by A.S. Pushkin:

"Travels to Arzrum"

Books data:
70/90 - 1/32
100 pages
paper 120 gr
hard carton cover and box

"Travels in Arzrum" was inspired by the Travel Notes that Pushkin kept during a visit in 1829 to the Russian army, engaged in a battle since it began fighting Turkey in 1828. The ancient Armenian town of Arzerum was on territory seized by Russian troops, in North-East Turkey.

A censored version of Travels was printed in 1836, in the first volume of Sobremennik magazine.

The work has never been printed on its own.

The idea of publishing the notes as a book was first conceived by the artist Yu. Trizna, in 1989. Illustrations and models were drawn up, but the artist never had enough time - he died in a car crash.

Now, in 1998, on the eve of celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the birth of A. S. Pushkin, a huge amount of Pushkins works already in circulation are to be reillustrated and reprinted.

The Sct Petersburg artist S. Vedernikova, the wife of Yu. Trizna, has produced a new model for the book "Travels in Arzrum", after reviewing her husband's work.

The book is to be a gift publication of "pocket-book" size (70/90 - 1/32), with 100 pages and 30 colour illustrations, a hard cover and a rigid gift case.

All those interested in taking part in celebrating the bicentenary of this great Russian poet, and in supporting this publication in any way, are invited to collaborate with us.

S. Vedernikova
19 July 1998
St. Petersburg, Russia



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